Das etwas andere Mietauto: der GOLDLINER

Freitag, 11. März 2011
Sie haben beim Gaming oder Gambling den Jackpot geknackt und suchen nun ein passendes Fahrzeug für einen Trimphzug durch Ihre Stadt? Dann haben wir etwas für Sie: der mit echtem Gold überzogene GOLDLINER - Bus! Der Retro-Reisebus aus dem Jahr 1957 wurde mit etwa 4.000 Goldblättchen (22 Karat pro Blättchen) vergoldet. Auch viele Metallbauteile des Busses wurden galvanisch mit 23- karätigem Gold überzogen. Das optimale Fahrzeug, um seine Kumpel einzuladen und einen dekadenten Siegeszug durchzuführen. Der Mietpreis ist ein echtes Schnäppchen und fängt bereits bei Euro 600,- an. Der Gold-Bus stellt auch eine echte Alternative zu den immer langweiligeren Stretch-Limousinen dar. Buchen kann man den GOLDLINER bei der Dauerausstellung Schmuckwelten in Pforzheim unter der Tel.-Nr. +49 (0)7231 / 994 444. Ein Bild vom Fahrzeug und weitere Infos findet man auf der Bewertungsplattform goldankauf.eu, auf der man übrigens die Scheideanstalt oder Goldankauf-Stelle seines Vertrauens finden kann.

The 10 Most Remarkable Gaming Champions Of The World

Dienstag, 18. November 2008
You won’t find these gamers at any game championship - and still they are world champions on their own event! Game-Resources.com uses this blog to select the true gaming champions.

Champion #1

Winner in the category: ‘Multi-playing in the age group 50 to 60’

Champion #2

Here our champion who wins in two categories at once:

‘Gaming in the most fashionable outfit’ and
‘Subway Gaming Master of Tokyo’

Champion #3

OK, that is really rotten - but not with all the will in the world we could leave that out: our champion girl in the category ‘Best inbuilt body console drawer’

Champion #4

The cleverest gaming kid in the age group 6 to 10

Champion #5

Winner in the category: ‘Gaming and synergy extraction for the perfect partnership’

Champion #6

Winner in the category: ‘The best hand-made gaming outfit in the age group 0 to 4 months’

Champion #7

Winner in the gaming category: ‘The best authentic cops and robbers game’

Champion #8

Winner in two categories:
‘Best non-human player in the age group 0 to 4 months’ and
‘Only gaming cat with bunny ears’

Champion #9

Our winner in the category: ‘Toughest resistance against gaming withdrawal’

Champion #10

‘Best post-gamish finger gesture’

11 Extremely Important Benefits That The Bank Crash Brings To You

Mittwoch, 5. November 2008
The banking crisis has spoilt your appetite for gaming? Can't be!

Thousands of bankers are losing their jobs, hard-earned savings are going down the drain, rich people are becoming paupers and once prospering companies are going bust. Even if you find it hard to believe: this crisis has some genuine advantages in store for you, which you never knew you had.

We show you 11 real benefits, which arose from the current financial crisis! Don't miss out!

Benefit #1
Your favourite pub is no longer full of bankers, because they now avoid anything to do with "(black) Friday" as the plague.

Benefit #2
Took me a long time to find out the proper name of this monument: 'The Bankers of Calais'

Benefit #3
At last your ex-banker is working in a job, which is of some use to you: he shows you the right way to a shop where you find sexy underwear for your girl

Benefit #4
At last you have discovered some jokes, which even you find really funny: the advertising slogans of banks

Benefit #5
At last you can afford a good suit to go to a casino

Benefit #6
At last your bookshop round the corner has started to stock specialist literature about the subject "Cash investments and mortgage financing at the beginning of the 21st century".

Benefit #7
Even you can park your small runabout in Bond Street now

Benefit #8
There is definitely a good chance that up there an office will soon be vacant for you to move in.

Benefit #9
Or here

Benefit #10

Never mind that you can't pay the rent, as only now during this crisis your creativity has skyrocketed to dizzy heights.

Benefit #11
At last I know, how I can really please Uncle Alain at Christmas this year.

..hmm...would rather play roulette just now...

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